Hey. Here at Profile Gallery, we are aware that we don’t exist in a vacuum. We don’t have all the answers. We don’t want to. We exist as part of the digital art world that has moved away from the prevailing system of viewing, valuing and structuring, which – let’s be honest – did not work. The art world has been too insular and too narrow for too long. The digital art community is one way out: we want to shift the conversation, the education and the practice from a focus on individuals towards a community-based approach.

PG, as part of the digital art world, has the capability to connect artists, curators and spectators in a unique way. Our curators, our artists and our spectators all take their creative inspiration from different parts of the art world – be that an Insta feed or another online gallery space.

On this note, we are launching Profiles. This series will spotlight the work of other digital art platforms and our digital community, primarily those based in the UK.

Our aims:

  1. To showcase other digital art initiatives as they change and mediate the art world.
  2. To strengthen the ties within the digital art community and connect the dots between inspiration, creativity and the experience of viewing art, in order to create the best and most democratic space for us all.
  3. To establish ourselves as a resource hub for the UK’s early-career digital arts community.

For now, we’ll start off with writing about other initiatives, and promoting their work on social media, to help you (and us) to become more creative and inspired. I would end with ‘keep it PG’, but that’s not what this series is about. So, keep it digital, keep supporting our wider community and watch this space x