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What's On Your Mind?

Welcome to Space #1

Our film-based artists have responded to social media’s driving question. Through every interaction (family, friends, followers), through every different digital medium, we have been forced to figure out the answer to the question What’s on your mind?  whilst we try to make sense of the world around us. 

What’s on your mind?  was intended to be an IRL event to celebrate the relaunch of this new site. Due to BoJo’s rule-of-six, PG had to cancel it. In many ways, it makes sense that this event stays in PG’s O.G digital format - this event was intended for you to reflect on the last few months and what better way to do that than through the very medium we have come to rely so heavily on?

Ultimately, our relationship towards our screens has shifted in 2020. Whilst it has provided solace and reconnection for many, it has also highlighted humanity’s growing desensitization to violence in all forms (racial, sexual, environmental, economic). Moving-image has enabled our artists to mediate and animate an individual’s and the collective’s thoughts and feelings during this unprecedented time of reflection.

What’s on your mind?  - We are asked to evaluate our own psyche, to expose our inner dialogue, to broadcast our deepest thoughts. An intrusive demand … designed by tech giants…  

Something With Water
Daniel Famiyeh
The Lockdown summer prompted a resurgent interest in nature. Young and old alike find solace in greenery whilst the country is in a state of chaos and confusion. Something with Water is a product of this. The genZ city boys adventure to Brimham Rocks and Yorkshire Dales, their new found haven.  
This short film is in part related to the idea of diving into oneself, or exploring subjectivity in relation to digital media. It was an experiment where I touched upon those subjects by “diving into” a 3D scan of my head, a hollow digital object, as well as playing around with the idea of multiple selves by piling up these objects. Whilst making it, what was mostly on my mind was “ok, how to understand how I feel right now? How do I understand the thoughts or feelings of this digital object that resembles me?”
A Covid Interruption
Elias Mendel
This experimental film ‘A Covid interruption’, is an attempt to visually recreate the double dislocation I felt experienced in 2020. Firstly, the nationally shared experience of having life interrupted, disrupted, and dislocated by the pandemic. Secondly, as the abnormality of lockdown became the new normal, the dissociation of living in isolation in Manchester while having daily conversations with his mother, a nurse working in a London hospital.

Sound by Orlando Vandeleur
If I Show You More, Am I Less?
Ben Dawson
" Giddy up and yee haw the digital preset sunset image waits the horizon line, we shall ride till we leave the screen, galloping through the grids and vectors, leaving the hyper slick smooth rendered no places, into the void the cowboy went, this space of non-elemental matter of something that felt like digital pseudo-scrapes, the real fiction of this space echoes around in an emptiness of cyberspace. "
Pea Fritters
Farah Dailami
Ultimately, this practise is auto-ethnographical, in that personal and anecdotal experiences are collected through filming, which are collated to translate an autobiographical narrative to a wider cultural perspective. It explores dual nationality and the concept of a spilt identity that can originate from this.
It explores dual nationality and the concept of a spilt identity that can originate from this. It was interesting to explore the use of the words ‘dual’ versus ‘split’ to describe myself and seem to come to the following conclusion: nationality is dual, but identity is split. However, through video, looking at the visual and auditory contrasts between my parents and the two sides of my family, it is evident from the areas that British and Arab culture intertwine, that it is possible to view cultural identity as a spectrum. Conducting these conversations was a way to re-associate with elements of traditional and modern Arab culture, since feeling mentally and physically separate from this, living in the UK.
In this contemporary chaotic climate of racial tension and rising islamophobia, I believe work like this is essential in showing how despite societal polarities, respect and acceptance can still be reciprocated between cultures.
Girls Night In
Dora Paphides
This film is a surreal interpretation of a girls night in during the quarantining period. The artist’s mannequin counterpart has stolen her eyes, and she has stolen her eyebrows. What else could happen tonight?
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