"Virtual flowers for my friends" by Tara Garigue

Profile Gallery presents an alternative mode of viewing art during the period of global isolation. More than ever we need creative stimulation and connectivity. The gallery offers a social art network for artists and art lovers: a space where they can stimulate creativity, and discuss the process.


More than ever, our visual world has been reduced to screens and our social interactions have left us wanting more than 2-D simulations. Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Netflix are our constants in this time of the unknown. But the arts can be too. Artists, designers, musicians are stimulating much more than our digital frames, and we are providing a singular space to explore it all.

  • OH HI. Profile Gallery is derived from the familiar single-user experience of Instagram, Facebook and Tinder. Each USER is represented through their profile - a virtual space dedicated to their creative output, a space to seduce your audience through art rather than dead chat-up lines.


  • SPACE. This is the new constant. Our artists have come to share their current work in this SPACE. Each week we open a new SPACE.


  • SOCIAL NET. We want to extend the creative discussion:

    • Groupchat: this starts with you - share with the Profile community what you’ve been creating over this time.

    • Insights: this is a discursive space. Read about our Community and their processes of artmaking.


  • DMs. Slide in, seduce us. Or just ask a question.